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Meeting Schedule for 2022

We meet the 2nd Thursday of Every month. Our club year runs from September to June


March – 10 Mar 2022

April – 14 Apr 2022

May – 12 May 2022

June – 09 Jun 2022



59th Annual Stamp Show



NOTE….  Now that the pandemic is waning, our first club meeting will be held on Thursday 10 March 2022 subject to criteria specified by the Church, which requires proof of vaccination, sign in and masks.  

Sales Circuit Binder

Our Sales Circuit Binders provide an assortment of worldwide mostly used stamps at very reasonable prices.  Currently there are approximately 20 albums in our collection.  There is a focus on Canada, Great Britain, and Australia as these countries are collected by many of our members. However, other countries are represented as well.  While only members of the Club can “sell” stamps in this manner the public is entirely welcome to purchase stamps from this venue.  All stamps are to be paid for at time of purchase.

 Silent Auction Tables

We regularly have a wide variety of stamps from singles, to sets, to packets for sale by members on our silent auction tables.  These sales represent the wide variety of countries and philatelic topics that our members collect.  As with the Sales Circuit binders, only members may sell stamps through the Silent Auction, the public is still welcome to purchase any item.  The Silent Auction end time is normally announced during the meeting.  All items must be paid for prior to leaving the premises.

What we Collect:

With the many members in our Club there is a very WIDE range of collecting interests. While some people collect a particular country or countries, others may collect a particular topic such as Space or Sailing Vessels. You may also find those in delve into the philatelic side of the hobby, collecting such things as cancels, covers or postcards.

The bulk of our members are collectors who prefer to collect stamps from one to half a dozen countries.   While we predominantly collect Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and other commonwealth countries, there are some collectors who favour the old world and specialize in Asian countries, Germany, Finland, Italy, France as well as Austria, Ireland and Egypt.  We also have several members who prefer in British West Indies, British Commonwealth , and other smaller countries etc.

A growing number in our Club have become quite interested in Postal History in the last couple of years.  Several members collect Simcoe, Grey and/or Bruce Counties including postcards, postmarks and everything philatelic relating to these counties.  There are a few members who collect Nova Scotia Postal History and another who is solely interested in Algonquin Park, canoeing and Scouts on Stamps!

Then there are our senior specialists, of which we have many.  We have specialists in Military covers (envelopes), including postmarks, addresses and postcards, and we have specialists who are only interested in squared circle cancels and Socked-on-the-Nose (SON) cancels.  There are also a few members strictly interested in Perfins (Perforated Initials) on stamps.  A few even delve into the many aspects of the British Machin stamp and actively collect any that can be had looking for variations.

There are a couple of members who like to specialize in error stamps; collecting all manner of minor errors to major misprints, colour shifts and tagging errors.

This would be incomplete if we didn’t mention those that specialize in Registered Mail stamps, Small and Large Queens, Admirals and even Easter Seal stamps.  Come on out.  There’s room for you too!

Come on out and see what’s interesting to you !

While the Club itself does not actively offer stamp appraisals. We do have stamp dealers and some very knowledgeable collectors among our membership. Guidance on the handling of inherited collections is available. You may even find a member interested in buying your materiel. Who knows?


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